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UN Security Council


As the single most powerful arm of the UN, the Security Council is responsible for maintaining international peace and security. The Security Council must work to create effective resolutions with clear-cut and professional language that will have results in the real world. In facing this immense responsibility, the committee will utilise several tools of diplomacy typically unavailable to any other agency, such as the act of attacking a volatile nation state or intervening in an armed conflict through offensive or peace-keeping methods.


DYNAMUN offers its UNSC for all advance MUNners. This committee is also a crisis committee. This committee will follow THIMUN protocol.


1953: The End of the


Combat after combat in the past four years, many have sacrificed without a convincing cause. Two years prior, the war had stalled near the 38th parallel. Yet, the commanders still carried on launching massive scale assaults in the hopes of earning a better position in the cease-fire negotiation that seemed around the corner, but it never actually came.


It’s time to end the meaningless suffering. However, things are not as easy as it is written. Both Koreas are reluctant to recognize each other, and the trust between two mega-powers is nearly nonexistent. Even the relations inside blocs are tense. Many western bloc members joined the war for a solid cause, but these have not been achieved; plenty of demands and compensations are expected. The returning soldiers might impose chaos in each country, but ultimately the rebuilding of the Korean Peninsula is an even graver issue.


Facing such a catastrophe might be even worse than war, if it goes untreated. This advanced council hopes delegates can work out this issue. Yet, the delegates need to negotiate a feasible plan that can be applied to everyone, or else, the veto power that’s present in SC will inevitably knock back the resolution, no matter how many other countries approve of it. May the tides and P5s be in your favor!


Tim Lin

Tim is currently a Freshmen in University of California-San Diego, majoring in Math-Computer Science with a minor in Cognitive Science- Machine Learning. His past MUN experiences include CSIA MUN in Korea, DHAP ASEAN in Singapore, BMUN in Bangalore, India, YMUN in New Haven, USA. Apart from that, he has also chaired 2 conferences for his high school (KCIS), then acted as special advisor for KCIS, later on becoming the director in both YMUNT III and IIII, and finally invited to chair at FERMUN in Geneva. Tim is excited for DYNAMUN2018 and is ready to dedicate himself in seeking potential delegates to thrive in the field of public speaking.

Hsueh Lung

Hsueh Lung will complete his bio shortly 

Megan Liao

Megan is a Co-chair of the UN Security Council. She has been serving as a Model UN Student Teacher in her school -Northfield Mount Hermon.

Megan started her Model UN career in her freshman year 2015. She enjoys the negotiating process the most in a conference and urges all delegates to think about finding the balance between debating for one’s country stance and compromising to reach a consensus. She enjoys effective debates between major powers that could potentially generate a solution, but she also encourages minorities to contribute actively in the discussions.

She looks forward to seeing you all at DYNAMUNC 2018. Hopefully the delegates would create resolutions that are so awesome that you can send them to the United Nations after the conference.

Pin Yang

Pin Yang is a rising-senior in Nanshan High School. Labelled as a rebellion leader, he is experienced in leading a smaller and disadvantaged bloc into a victorious position. Yang had won an OD-equivalent award in DHAP'17 Singapore, in addition to prizes like Best Delegate throughout Taiwan MUNs. Though not especially rich in conference participation count, he is prepared to serve his delegates with perfection.

Yang will carry out his usual role, offering an alternative approach to the issue, urging the delegates to switch perspective as well as diving deeper into the topic. He is determined to guide the delegates to think outside the western way so as to create a more realistic, interactive conference.


The file can be accessed here.

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