UN High Commission on Technology


Currently, UNHCT plays a pivotal role in the monitoring of technological innovation and focusing on the development of contingencies around the negative effects induced by the progress of this industry. These may include everything from advanced weaponry to the loss of labor intensive employment sectors.


In recent years, technology has evolved faster than ever before, accelerating at a pace beyond any other period in human history, thrusting the world into one brave new world after another. Technologies could reshape the world positively or cause widespread unemployment and illiteracy. Our committee will address these topics and produce a comprehensive series of guidelines for guaranteeing the rights of individuals over machines.

UNHCT is designed for MUNners with some familiarity with procedure. UNHCT will adopt standard THIMUN protocol.



and its influences on modern society

”Cryptocurrency has become a famous topic over social media in recent years. It seems for all intents and purposes to be among the biggest trends of the modern era” While people might call it a bubble, the ways it will forever impact society and markets is something that cannot be ignored. Before an examination of cryptocurrency itself, one must be familiar with blockchain technology, the core technology behind cryptocurrencies.

This committee will examine coordinated efforts in properly regulating and managing this globally independent revolution and seek to anticipate future trends in blockchain technologies and plan for future disruptions across many industries.


Sharon Su
Jimmy Tsou
Jason Lin


The file can be accessed here.

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