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Model UN - A Briefing

First, the basics. MUN stands for Model United Nations. The United Nations is a group of almost all major countries who work together to combat challenges that the entire planet faces. To do so, they need to master the skills of NEGOTIATION, CRITICAL THINKING, DEBATING and PUBLIC SPEAKING.

A Model United Nations aims to put young, dreaming diplomats, avid speakers of English, and even people with just a passing interest in changing the world together in one room to find their own solutions to the issues that plague our planet. In an international setting, its a place to challenge your English comprehension and build lasting friendships with people outside your school.

So how does this thing work?


FIRST: Apply to be a delegate in a conference happening near you. In this case it's DYNAMUN 2018.


SECOND: Await your country assignment and a letter from the chair of your committee. You'll need to do research on:

 a) the goods your country exports

 b) the political doctrine of your country (authoritarian, democratic, oligarchy)

 c) review the list of other countries in your committee assignment and plan who to work with

 d) research the issue-at-hand for the committee to resolve and understand how your country would view this issue

 e) prepare some initial evidence to present in a paper you will present called a Draft Resolution, check out the Delegate 101       page to see more on how to do this.

FINALLY: On the day of the conference get your fancy delegate suit on and prepare for a day of challenging fun and an   evening of unforgettable enjoyment. We'll make sure to help you catch the MUN bug, so we not only see you return to DYNAMUN, but also assist you in getting involved in conferences around the globe!

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