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Do Not Embrace A Better World

Updated: Apr 6, 2018


This Article does not represent the opinion of DYNAMUN, but simply an intentionally offered alternative viewpoint from one of the co-chairs. But DYNAMUN is proud to offer this platform for all viewpoints.

The idea of the Left Wing stemmed from a crowd movement, from a call of “distributional inequality” without properly considering the logic behind a fortune gap, and by rather semi-religious campaigns. The most significant separation between left and right wing is whether money can buy power for one’s own personal gain.

When we observe only the television and newspapers, we are likely to be convinced that the left-wingers are victorious, they have seized it all. Voting outcomes surprisingly, however, constantly contradict people’s beliefs. Clearly, there are more right-wing supporters than the mainstream media would have us believe, one of the reasons is the “Better-than-average bias”. A research study conducted by professor Patrica Cross from the University of Nebraska concluded that over 95% of the participants believe they are “above average”, and over two-thirds of them believe they are in the first quarter in terms of performance in numerous fields. This fact tells us we tend to inflate our own position in society. When a left-wing action, such as the “call for social welfare derived from collecting higher taxes from the rich”, emerges, a person who is actually not that rich will consider his or her rights violated, as they believe they belong to this rich class that is now marginalized. This potential threat pushes people into supporting greater authority for right-wing candidates in elections. The right-wing is then most comprised of the wealthiest people in a society and a group of middle-class workers striving and dreaming for squeezing into the top income thresholds. These middle-class families may not be affluent, but they never consider themselves, or even sometimes, discriminate against, the poor. They feel they are not deserving of their own hard-earned money that would be afforded to them through social welfare programs.

Yet, this alone is not enough to explain what elected Trump. As aforementioned, the media and the “mainstream voices” are in favor of left-wing’s movement, any objecting voices are treated no better than those spoken during the Inquisition: being heavily criticized and labelled as selfishness, craziness and madness. The common campaign of left-wingers is using easy-to-remember-and-propagated slogans, on top of the already simplified facts and astonishing examples to stir up the emotional half of a common citizen. It is interesting that democracy grants every common being a chance to decide the best for oneself, yet the majority of them are simply too lazy to or cannot educate themselves respectfully. Therefore, the election became a game for politicians to convince you that they are your “TL;DR”. They need to make you believe that they can finish everything for you and fight for your interests in a corrupted political system.

The slogans mentioned earlier therefore came in handy, as the constant barrage of messaging and brainwash from the mainstream media have convinced most people that the values left-wingers have embraced are the correct value. These include equality, diversity, sensitivity, empathy alongside a never-ending lists of privileges you should be ashamed you hold. Upon this point, many of you, the readers, will start to mumble about how “inappropriate” this article is, yet, that is because you’re solely judging the words based on the value this passage is trying to refute. A boomerang reporter Emily Chang wrote in her new book “Brotopia” that only 37% of workers in the IT industry is female, she then summarized that the discrimination against woman has never been properly removed. Yet, according to academic research performed by Stoet and Gaery on PISA, an international test aiming to evaluate students ability in general, those boys who scored well in STEM (Scientific and Math related) are more likely to only be good at these subjects; while on the contrary, those girls who scored well in STEM are more likely to be a more well-rounded student in all subjects. This immediately explained the higher enrollment rate of boys in the STEM field: They are more likely only able to go there, while the girls actually have more choice. This instance illustrated just how a “mainstream left-winger” can manipulate our thoughts and perspective by using authentic data to convey misleading messages.

Being suppressed by such enormous pressure, Trump still arose. The major explanation for this rise is, of course, his ability to create and navigate chaos and his vast fortune. Disregarding the ethics of his business partnerships, we are instead focusing on how Trump received over 300 electoral votes. The core thing Trump did was to speak “selfishly” aloud, which no other politician dared to do in this climate. This time, however, he won the echo in some people’s heart, angered by the left-wingers’ phoney world. We’re not noble after all, years after years people heard politicians professing of utopian dreams, emphasizing on the values that are morally correct, suddenly a loud voice emerged talking of all the practical things, and mocked all the once “treasured” values, then of course, crowds cheer in respect of the candor. When talking about respecting minorities, everyone knows they need to censor their answer when this is on the Civics and Society test paper, yet, how many of us really appreciate it? Just ask yourself, can you accept a wage ceiling, and any income above that goes to those who can’t earn as much as you? The case is exactly the same. While no one dared to support Trump’s “selfish” act publicly, a lot privately praised that someone is willing to be the first to shield all the left wing bullets, so they too can also show their egoism without being the only one drawing fire.

As a MUNner, we also have to regard the same thing. A lot started to follow the ideas of CNN, NBC and the mainstream criticism of Trump, without doing any investigations themselves or only accepting information from those who intended to convince you how crazy and illogical Trump is. Supporting the opinion of these mainstream outlets does not make you equipped with an international perspective; neither does embracing left values, even though you are told to do so. The most important thing we have to do, aside from doing researches and prepare for the oral presentation in MUN, is to sharpen our critical thinking skills. Always think from the other side when applicable and build your own opinion from a place of fact and not feeling. Do not be afraid to speak out, upon doing so, you will realize that Trump is not trying to demolish the world. He is just making calculated moves, which he believes will benefit him and those he cares for most, true in nature to being the egotistical species that we all are.

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