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Hashtag Activism

#metoo brought attention to the power imbalances in male and female relationships. It's called for corrections and has led to the cross-industry movement through #timesup a Hollywood offering to correct these injustices.

Now we have #neveragain and #menext? a model of activism initiated by the young students of the Parkland, Florida school shooting tragedy - calling on US legislatures to act now on gun control. It begs the conversation to steer away from mental health and take much need action on regulating firearms.

Social media gives a voice to those who rarely have one. The women in abusive relationships, the victims of war in countries under siege, refugees seeking to start a new life, a young girl on a bus shot by Pakistani terrorists (#malala) and now the children who's life is completely shattered at the loss of some of their best friends, caught in a system that too often does not do enough to protect its kids when they go to school.

Hashtag activism is rather new but it's led to big

changes and has created a means of hearing from those we often don't. As consumers of technology, it is now our job to share and distribute these voices, but in that also be careful to screen information so as not to encourage the spread of lies. Challenges lie ahead for this modern movement but it is not unique in this regard, all movements faced problems especially regarding threats that dilute its intent.

In this years DYNAMUN we invite you to use the hashtag #DYNAMUN2018 to gathe, collect and share the great ideas we generate together. Who knows, perhaps we start the next big movement.

As always - #stayaware #beinformed

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