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DYNAMUN V is launching a new phase of MUN conference. We are shifting our focus to long-term impact. DYNAMUN is adjusting its model to have a one-day conference that will host an activism-focused event. In the same way that our actions both exert an influence on a river where we live, and also affect all those downstream, the actions diplomats take in sessions in actual UN summits have wide-reaching influence on the people downstream from that moment. There is an obligation to look at the importance of decisions made today and consider, to the best of our ability, the impact that they have on the lives of all those in the future.

The morning will host opening speeches, but the sessions will fast forward through lobbying to have established blocs already pre-arranged and a draft resolution already available. Delegates will be responsible for becoming familiar with their countries position on these issues and defending their stance on the policy. We are streamlining the process to not only open up an activism event, but also to better educate our students at Wagor to make them more able to participate in MUNs around Taiwan. DYNAMUN offers an excellent chance for experienced MUNners to attract their friends to MUN by getting them involved in the process of MUN and offering them a taste of a conference without the full commitment. We are also offering an English-material / Mandarin-spoken committee to help students with transitioning from a Mandarin-only committee into a more universal all-English committee.

At DYNAMUN V, we’re not only looking at matching our content to our theme, but we’re reshaping the entire design of our conference to help make the future a lot brighter through MUN.


We look forward to seeing you sail on our river of dreams as we flow into the future, DOWNSTREAM.

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