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UNDP United Nations Development Programme

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The Dais

UNDP Main Chair  陳亮宇 Mina Chen.jpg

Greetings everyone, this is Mina. I'm a sophomore at Deguang High school, and I will be serving as the/your chair at UNDP this year. Since attending high school, Model United Nations has changed my life a lot. It not only broadened my horizons but also provided me with a great opportunity to meet a group of fantastic people. I know some of the delegates might be afraid to make mistakes, but please do not hesitate to approach the DIAS team and ask questions. We are always here for you! By the way, I was previously an exchange student in Canada. If you’re interested in my story, you are more welcome to chat with me. To sum up, I am a passionate person who always sticks to my goals. See you guys at DYNAMUN.

UNDP Main Chair 陳秉昇 Sam Chen.jpg

Hello, I'm Samuel from TCFSH. It is my utmost pleasure to serve as Co-chair of UNDP. I believe MUN could widen my insight, inspire me to think critically, and so on. The benefits I got are unlimited, though the time process through data and delivering speeches on podiums could be stressful. But this is how MUN is fascinating for me.“No Pain No Gain" is the sentence I would like to send you. Lastly, wishing delegates could receive a wonderful experience during DYNAMUN 2021.

UNDP Co Chair 黃婉逸 Tiffany Huang.jpg

Greeting Delegates! My name is Tiffany Huang, and I am currently a sophomore at Victoria Academy. This year, it is my utmost honor to serve as one of the co-chairs of UNDP. During my spare time, I like to watch Netflix, work out, and eat!🍟


I was in 7th grade when I attended my first MUN conference. Ever since I started my MUN journey, I have always found MUN enthusiastic and compelling. It allows you to listen from different voices, widen your global perspective🌍, and most importantly, trains you to become a better thinker. Especially when we live in this 21st century, where changes happen in between snaps, and information spread surprisingly fast, it’s crucial to think critically and independently, so that we are able to understand one another, and embrace diversity.


Lastly, Frank Herbert once said, “Whether a thought is spoken or not it is a real thing and has powers of reality.” Never doubt yourself because everyone has the potential to contribute to the world. Looking forward to seeing you guys in May!

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