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UNHRCUnited Nations Human Rights Council

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 Committee Topic 


The Dais

UNHRC Main Chair 梁甄庭 Yankee Leung.jpg

Hey everyone! My name is Yankee Leung, currently a sophomore at I-Shou International School, and it is my utmost pleasure to serve as your Head Chair of the United Nations Human Rights Council in this year’s DynaMUN. Ever since my first contact with a formal MUN conference this February, I fell in love with the experience this extracurricular activity has brought to me. As a lover of history and debate, MUN created the perfect platform for me to share my passion in the most significant way. Being a MUNer is so remarkable because everyone gets the opportunity to negotiate with one another, share different perspectives, and spark numerous fruitful discussions. If this is your first MUN conference, it is fine to feel nervous and miserable in the first place. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions regarding the procedure, techniques during debates, or just to talk to me in general. I love meeting new people!


Last but not least, I am sure that this conference will be an enjoyable experience for both you and me. Sending lots of love, and I wish you all the best at the conference. Can’t wait to see you all in May!

UNHRC Co Chair 李昀蓁 Amy Lee.jpg

Hi everyone, I’m Amy.

Right now I’m a sophomore studying at Mingdao and I’m both extremely honored and thrilled to be serving as the co-chair of Dynamun. Throughout the past year MUN has made many noteworthy changes in my life. Interacting with people, fighting diplomatically over fiscal policies, MUN has helped me develop lasting friendships and a genuine interest in politics. Every time I put myself out there I got to learn something new about the world and about myself. As cliche as this sounds...... have confidence in yourself & never be afraid to speak up! Confidence is nothing but sheer belief in your abilities and dexterity.

Take a firm stand, address your issues, speak up and slay!!!🤩

Btw pls don’t hesitate to come up to me to ask questions, or strike up a convo and make my day more interesting!! I love meeting new people. Can’t wait to see you all! ✨💜

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